How Has “Deal of the Day” Affected Consumer Habits

How Has “Deal of the Day” Affected Consumer Habits

Deal of the day sites grew out of the 2009 recession and the desire for consumers to find the cheapest deals online. No one wanted to leave their homes and go to their favorite store only to find out whatever items they’re looking for weren’t on sale or at worst, were completely sold out. The added expense on wasted gas and the increase in frustration were things people wanted to avoid and helped bring daily deals to the forefront of consumers’ minds. The basics of conducting a business: provide a product/service to a customer at the cheapest price possible. This latter, is easily the thing customers care about the most and they would easily visit a hundred sites in order to find the price they’re looking for.

The number of deal a day sites have grown exponentially over the past few years in response to the demands of people looking for the best deals. The recession has made consumers more diligent in seeking many more deals than they used to in the past. Who wants to spend $ 50 on a product when you can spend $ 30 or even half that? With the advent of smartphones and daily deal apps, consumers are finding it easier track down and use deals in their day to day lives. The increased accessibility means people from all walks of life can find a deal that interests them. If deals can be found and used on the go, people will be more inclined to purchase as many of these deals as they can and use them.

The idea of having one sale a day isn’t new to shoppers who frequent their local brick and mortar stores. It’s only relatively new to online shoppers. Businesses wanting to sell their products to a larger group of people have looked to the internet to increase their customer base. Businesses also find it easier to sell discounts online and reach a much higher number of people. But the competition in the ” one deal a day” market is extremely fierce and consumers have long since realized that the best deals are usually only a couple more mouse clicks away. This competition between deal sites means that it’s only become that much easier to find the best price possible for whatever you’re looking for.

As the recession lingered on for so long, many consumers have learned to seize on daily deals almost as much as they did for word-of-mouth sales and coupon clippings in the years previous. With the steady growth of these sites, finding discounted goods and services online has never been easier and will shape how people will shop in the future.

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