How To Create An Online Store On Their Own

How To Create An Online Store On Their Own

If you have decided to create an online store and you don’t know what you should start with, this article is for you.

There are different variants, you can create an online store for free, order it, or rent it. Let’s consider all the options one by one.

Order an online store from a professional web studio

If you have money, this variant is the best. It requires your minimum effort, you don’t need to think about technical sides of the project. But there are some nuances. You will need to explain as precisely as possible what kind of online store you want. Otherwise the result will differ from the idea you had in your head. Here the ability to clearly set tasks will be of great help. The fact is that any web studio will use its own previous work, and if you do not explain in detail what you want, they will choose the easiest and fastest way. That is you will most probably get a web store, similar to an existing one but with a different design.

You should describe even the smallest details. Visit a number of working web stores to see what you like, and create a list. Besides, in this case, if you create an expensive online shop with your own CMS, you will have to spend money on its support, including technical support. But of course for serious projects with seven figure numbers it is not necessary to understand how it works.

Creation of an online store in a professional web studio costs $ 1000 and more. For this amount you will get a store created with a free CMS, used by other stores. The website CMS may be also unique, developed and used by a certain web studio.

Serious projects cost starting from $ 3000, you will get a unique design and much richer functionality. Maybe the studio will also provide you with SEO services.

On the average, it will cost $ 800-1500 to create an ordinary simple online store. For the money you won’t get too feature packed website, but it will be a working web store – just what you need if your business doesn’t involve large investments and huge turnover.

Creation of an online store by yourself and for free

There are lot of CMS (Content Management Systems) nowadays, plugins and modules for them, both free and paid. If you have time and desire to get to the bottom, this method will save you money on the creation of an online store. For example, the CMS is a free website builder that will let you create a full-featured web store easily and just in several minutes. You don’t need to have php or html skills to start using this system. In addition to hosting and a domain name, you will get a number of free design templates to choose from and free additional modules that will extend the functions of your website.

By the way, many web studios use such free CMS, there is nothing bad about it, but in this case the price shouldn’t be very high. Hire people to create an online store.

If you don’t have enough knowledge and think that it will be very difficult for you to create a website yourself, then probably you should hire people who will do it under your guidance. This variant is a kind of combination of the two previous variants. But don’t forget that a programmer might not understand designing, and a designer might know nothing about programming. And with this variant the cost might be even higher than in the first case, as you will pay for the work separately and not in bulk. But it refers to the creation of complex projects, with custom CMS, the development of which costs thousands of dollars.

But still, if you’ve decided to create your own serious online store, with the help of your own team and you have more than enough funds, we suggest that you hire a project manager who has at least slight understanding of all sides of the issue. In the end he will save you a lot of money, since he knows that a programmer needs two hours and not three days, as he would tell you, to complete a certain task.

Renting of an online store

There are services which allow you to rent an online shop. How does it work? A certain company creates in fact its own hosting service, where it uses a single script for web stores, common for everyone. Therefore actually you are provided with software.

If you sell handmade stuffed toys or not very popular goods in a small town, think of this variant. For serious project this way is not good due to its simplicity and non-uniqueness of the end product.

We have described all main variants of online store creation, and it is up to you which one to use. You can always search for web studios on the Internet to view their portfolios and prices. Or spend one-two months to do everything yourself.

And before you make your choice do not forget, that a web store must work without interruptions and breaks. Therefore isn’t it better to have qualified specialists at hand?

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